Permit Requirements

Millersburg Borough requires permits for various activities within the borough. Below is a list of the required permits, contact information to obtain the permits and fees. The Borough thanks you for your cooperation.

Solicitation Permit

$50 for three months or $10 per event.

Required for most door-to-door commercial solicitation and other transient retail businesses. Anyone soliciting in the borough must produce a background check no older than 14 days. Contact the Millersburg Police Department 717-692-2323.

Zoning Permit

Millersburg Borough Zoning Permit[Fillable]

$55 Residential and $75 Commercial + Any UCC Permit Costs

Required for most exterior construction and demolition work as well as new signs. The Borough employs Barry Isett and Commonwealth Code Inspection Service for UCC Permits. See the Borough Manager for additional details and to start the application process. All permit applications should be returned to the Borough Office.

UCC Permits

Barry Isett & Associates [Fillable]

UCC permits may be required for demolition and new construction in addition to local zoning, storm water and floodplain permits. The Borough offers two options for UCC Permits– Commonwealth Code Inspection Services and Barry Isett & Associates. When you complete a zoning permit, you will be able to select one of the  two companies to handle the UCC permit for your project. The fee schedule for Barry Isett can be viewed here. The fee schedule for CCIS  can be viewed here. 

Flood Plain Development Permit

$150 plus any zoning and UCC permit fees, additional engineering fees apply

Construction, demolition and other activities are regulated within flood plains in Millersburg Borough. Contact the Borough Manager at 717-692-2389 for additional guidance on flood plain activities. Please carefully review our flood plains page before applying.

Stormwater Management Permit

$100 plus any zoning permit fees, additional engineering fees apply

Some construction requires a stormwater management permit. Contact the Borough Manager at 717-692-2389 for additional guidance.

Waste Dumpster Placement

$25 for a non-metered street or $25 plus $5 per day per metered space. $25 for a second permit.

Required for placement of a dumpster on any Borough street. Contact the Millersburg Police Department 717-692-2323.

Compost Recycling at MYO Park

Residential rate: $40 per year; Commercial rate: $15 per pickup truck load, $30 per single axle light dump truck load

Required for depositing vegetation at the MYO Park compost area. Contact the Borough Secretary at 717-692-2389.

Street Excavation


Required for excavating borough streets. Contact the Borough Manager 717-692-2389.

Reserved Parking (non-metered)

$25 per week

If you require parking restrictions in non-metered areas, see the Borough Manager to make appropriate arrangements. This should be done at least 48 hours in advance. This service is offered for activities such as parking a moving van, placing a dumpster and performing construction and demolition work.

Street Closure Permit


In order to ensure the safety of drivers and to minimize inconvenience to residents, Millersburg Borough requires contractors, auctioneers and other private entities to obtain a permit prior to closing any Borough Street. Contact the Borough Manager to make the appropriate arrangements. Ordinance No. 2-18 sets regulations for street closures.

Reserved Parking (Meter Bag)

$5 per space per day

If you require reserved parking in a space with a parking meter, contact the police department 717-692-2323.

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