Millersburg Attractions


Millersburg Ferry

The Millersburg Ferry is a well known landmark in Riverfront Park in Millersburg. Historical records indicate that ferries across the Susquehanna were operating near present day Millersburg before the founding of the town.

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Millersburg’s Public Parks

Millersburg Borough manages five public parks covering 20 acres. These publicly owned open spaces account for 3.9 percent of the land in the borough. The park season typically runs from early April through late October, depending on the weather. The borough’s public works department maintains the parks for the enjoyment of our citizens and visitors.

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Cherry Blossom Festival

Bring the whole family into town for an overwhelming day of specialty foods, carnival games, local craft vendors and artists, a variety of musicians from metal to the classics, fire up your taste buds for the chili cook off!

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Tour de Millersburg

Tour de Millersburg

This event is aimed to offer amateur racers a professional experience and to promote the sport of cycling. The Tour de Millersburg offers a race that has some of the very best scenery in the state. Millersburg is nestled along the Susquehanna River and is known for its “small town perfection”. This race was created in 2007 to help celebrate the town’s 200th birthday.

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Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art

Rooted in the scenic Susquehanna Valley of Central Pennsylvania, we strive to be the leading institution for the collection and dissemination of art and natural history knowledge, particularly when the two intersect and reinforce one another. We are the repository for the art, writings and other work of the late Ned Smith, from whose life the center takes its original inspiration. The center seeks to appeal to all ages, races and genders across Pennsylvania and beyond. Our goal is to be viewed as a vibrant cornerstone to the cultural, economic, social and environmental life of the community.

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