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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a public information/ press release for a police incident?   
Public information/ press releases are available at the police station and may be obtained by contacting the Administrative Office between 8 am. and 3 pm. Monday through Friday. There is a fifteen (15) dollar fee for accident reports and you should let your insurance company request the report to avoid you having to pay the fee.
I have a Millersburg Address, why do I not see your patrol cars checking my neighborhood? 
The Millersburg Borough Police Dept. services only the Borough of Millersburg and the Millersburg Area School District Properties. Upper Paxton Twp relies on the PA State Police- Lykens to provide police services. PSP may be contacted by calling (717) 558-6900 for non-emergency calls and "911" for emergency calls. Sometimes during emergencies, Millersburg Officers are asked to assist other agencies outside the Borough of Millersburg so you may still see a Millersburg Officer in your neighborhood.
I received a citation (traffic or non-traffic), may I pay this at the Police Station? 
No. Citations must be returned to the Magisterial District Judges office 12-3-01 within 10 days of the date it was issued. You may contact the Judge's Office during regular business hours by calling (717)362-3396.
I received a parking ticket. What do I do? 
Parking Tickets (yellow envelopes) are issued either by meter enforcement staff or by Police Officers. Parking Tickets may be paid at the Millersburg Borough office located on the West side of Market Square; 101 West St. Millersburg,PA 17061. Prompt payment (within 48 hours) will help you avoid increased penalties.
I called for an Ambulance and a Police Officer showed up. I was wondering why? 
The Millersburg Police Department attempts to respond to as many EMS calls as possible in the Borough of Millersburg. Officers are already on patrol and are trained in First-Aid /CPR. In life threatening situations even seconds may make a difference. Officers are there to help you and your family through these difficult times.
When I call 911 (or the non-emergency numbers) am I speaking with a Police Officer? 
No. You are speaking with a civilian Dauphin County Dispatcher. If dispatchers are unable to assist you, a Police Officer will contact you either in person or by phone if appropriate. Dispatchers will ask you a series of questions. Please be patient and provide as much information as possible to assure that you receive the type of assistance that you require.
I need to be fingerprinted for my employment. What should I do? 
The Millersburg Police Department will be happy to fingerprint those who reside or work in our community for non-criminal matters. Please call the administrative phone number during business hours and we will do our best to accommodate you.
I parked at a parking meter that is not working. What should I do?
If you received a parking ticket at the meter, please take the ticket to the Police station and complete a form reporting the issue. If you have not received a parking ticket, then move your vehicle to a parking spot where the meter is functioning and then report the issue to the Administrative Office phone number.
My kids were told to leave the park because it was getting dark and the park was closing. What are the park hours?
Millersburg Borough Parks normally are open dawn to dusk unless you are participating in authorized activities (such as fishing or special events permitted by the Borough). Officers frequently check the parks due to a history of property damage to park equipment and property. Citizens are strongly encouraged to report any destructive or criminal activity that they observe while visiting the parks.
During a police incident, the officer asked me if I own my residence or if I rent. What does that matter?
Millersburg Borough has a strict ordinance that requires landlords to report if they have tenants living or using a property located in Millersburg Borough. Officers are tasked with enforcement of this ordinance. If you are a renter or landlord, you should make sure the required information has been reported to the Borough. The forms are free and may be picked up at the Millersburg Borough Building during regular business hours.