Millersburg Riverfront Park: Gateway to the Lykens Valley Rail Trail

     Millersburg Riverfront Park: Gateway to the Lykens Valley Rail Trail will consist of four action items.  First, an eight foot wide asphalt pathway will be laid down in Riverfront Park extending from Moore St. to Keystone St.  Second,  a focal point "Gateway" area will be created at the intersection of River and North St.'s. This Gateway will include the creation of a stamped concrete area showcasing a logo, and the addition of trees, benches, signage, and new landscaping.  Third, a restroom/concession stand will be erected in the north end of the park to provide service to the Ferry Boat patrons as well as general park goers and Rail Trail visitors.  Fourth, approximately 6 parking spots including ADA accessible park will be created along the edge of Riverfront Park. 
     There are a number of files attached at the bottom this page, including the cost estimate and funding break down for the project, the press release for the grant awards, the project site plan, the Riverfront Park map from the Borough's Master Park Plan, and the final construction plans.   
    If you have any questions regarding this project or if you or your organization wishes to support this community building activity please contact the Millersburg Borough office at 717-692-2389 or email Please click here if you are interested in sponsoring a piece of the park.
Thank you very much for your interest in the Millersburg Parks and Recreation System. 
Christopher Dietz
President of Millersburg Borough Council
Parks and Recreation Committee Chair

P.S. The Gateway Project won a Premier Project Award from the Dauphin County Planning Commission. Click here for a photo.
Ċ FinalRiverfrontGatewayconstructionplanA.pdf
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Ċ FinalRiverfrontGatewayconstructionplanB.pdf
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Ċ MillersburgGatewayProjectFinancials(11-30-09).pdf
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