Parks and Recreation



Brent Boyer


Chris Dietz
Charles Miller
Trudy Paden

Meeting Minutes
General Park Rules

     1.    Park Hours are 9:00AM to Dusk.

     2.    Alcohol and controlled substances are prohibited.

     3.    No parking on the grassy areas.

     4.    Pets must be leashed at all times and droppings must be promptly cleaned up.

     5.    Please do not litter.

     6.    Use only charcoal in the Park grills.  Gas grills may be used, but are not provided.

     7.    Electricity at the pavilions is provided; however, it is not guaranteed.

     8.    Water is available.

     9.    Be courteous to other Park patrons. No foul language.

     10.  Any defacement, removal or damage of any Park property will be prosecuted to the  

      fullest extent of the law.
~ Master Park Plan for MYO and Riverfront Parks
    - Draft Plan
~ Riverfront Park Improvements
    - Walking/Jogging/Biking Trail
    - Ferryboat Landing and Dry Dock Updates
    - Bathroom for Ferryboat Landing
    - Boat Launch near Gun Club
~ New Entrance For MYO Park
    - Acquire Property along route 147
    - Obtain permission to cross railroad track into MYO park near baseball field grandstand
                                                                                                                - Close existing Entrance
                                                                                                            ~ Lykens Valley Rail Trail
                                                                                                                - Portion of Trail West of Woodside Station Rd
                                                                                                                - Create Site plan along proposed route

In order to rent a pavillion please contact the Borough Secretary at 717.692.2389 or